Mozzafiati Luxury Bags privacy policy


At Mozzafiati we strive to make some of the world’s most beautiful bags and accessories deemed worthy of being called works of art. Every piece we make is made as though it had been commissioned by a king or a queen worthy of only the best from our artisans. We use natural vegetable aniline leather also known as napa leather. Our leather takes 75-80 days to treat due to an organic vegetable treatment that leaves no carbon footprint on our environment. The remaining solution after our leather is treated can be used to treat plants and vegetation to help sustain and preserve our environment.

The majority of leather in the market is treated with Chromium, which is faster than vegetable tanning (less than a day for this part of the process). Chrome tanning is toxic and leaves a huge carbon footprint. We inspire each other to exercise our gifts & talents to create bags and accessories worthy of being called works of art. Our goal is to design and create beautiful bags and accessories that enhances and satisfy our customer’s desires and needs while preserving and protecting our environment and its richness.


A portion of our proceeds are donated to help free young girls and women that are sold into human trafficking. An additional portion will be donated to help free some of the 29-47 million people that are currently held as slaves around the world. Another additional portion will be donated to help care for and preserve our environment by helping educate the communities where we create our products.

Our promise to ourselves, our buyers and communities that humbly help us create these great works of arts is to never lose our hearts while chasing the bottom line. Mozzafiati respects and honors the bottom line, however, we are always mindful that at the end of it all we exist to support and care for our customers, our community and those who can’t help themselves. We are passionately devoted to cultivating and preserving our environment by creating products that are environmentally friendly, ethical and mindful that our aim should be to leave the planet in better shape than it was bestowed to us.


We have our cutting edge collection of bags that comes with emeralds embedded in the bags designs and hardware. This collection is best known by the name Precious Colombia Emeralds. Colombia is the world leader when it comes the purest of emeralds. Those with a vivid green color and a concentrated, pure hue are known to be found mainly in the luscious beautiful jungles of Colombia. Mozzafiati’s emerald collection of bags and accessories are like nothing else in the market. We at Mozzafiati aim each day to remember that “It is Not the How or the What but the Who. Our Who is a network of partners that have a passion for what they do and do it with all their heart, mind and soul with the end aim and desire to leave a positive impact on society.